About Us

Skysun, LLC was founded in 2012 by Jim Clair, who recognized there was a need for a affordable yet beautiful solar power systems. Skysun developed a way to elevate and support multiple panels allowing the land underneath to be used.

Skysun’s patented systems has been tested for years in different environments, from New Mexico to the Midwest, and through partnerships with:

United States Department of Energy

Sandia National Laboratories

National Solar Thermal Test Facility

NASA Glenn Research Center

LCCC   MAGNET   GLIDE   JumpStart   BRITE   Innovation Fund

 Skysun arrays can withstand high-winds and varying loading conditions to provide consistent performance. 

Skysun’s method uses braided steel wire rope – pound for pound stronger than 

a steel I-beam .

Bed and Breakfast




Out of the


and off of

the roof!





BUILT TOUGH                     LOOKS GREAT

Designed for rugged environments, Skysun solar arrays stand-up to weather extremes.

From the high winds of Southwest to the snow and hail of the Midwest our arrays can handle it.

To date, every Skysun  deployment has performed through extreme conditions without downtime.

We know your system will be reliable too.



In fact, we guarantee it!  Skysun guarantees all labor and materials for 5 years, with panel output performance guarantees  for 20 to 25 years depending on panel manufacturer.

Buy American! Skysun makes every effort to source its product to comply with the Buy America Act.



download flag.jpg

The "Pollinator" ideal for flower 

or herb garden 


Tilts with the touch

of a button for easy 


Strong Beautiful and Smart

Panels automatically track

the sun

Lorain County, Ohio

Our Mission

Skysun’s goal is to provide our customers with   solar power that is affordable, beautiful, durable, and the Logical Choice. Our deployments are designed to blend with the lifestyles and work styles of our customers. Adhering to these goals helps us achieve and expand green renewable power and a cleaner future for all.    

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